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Life is Strange Before the Storm APK MOD Full Unlocked MEDIAFIRE-MEGA

Life is Strange Before the Storm MOD APK Full Version is a story-driven adventure game, developed by DONTNOD, published by Square Enix and brought to android by SQUARE ENIX Ltd. Life Is strange Before the storm Full Version APK is a prequel to life is strange where you play as max blue haired friend Chloe. though at least in episode 1, that blue hair is nowhere to be seen. This time the story focuses on her friendship with Rachael amber. the missing girl from life is strange. Life is strange Before the storm is free in the play store but you will need to download life is strange before the storm apk mod full version in order to unlock all dlc episodes unlocked for free.

Life is Strange Before the Storm APK MOD Full Unlocked Purchased 1.0.2

She saves you from a party and the rest is history. episode 1 is reminding you about Chloes fathers death, how much she hates school and her step dad.. and how much teen angst she has, while setting up her and Rachel relationship and care for eachother. but by this 2 hrs long episodes end my care was nowhere to be found. There is no special rewind ability here this is all interacting with the environment and dialog choices. turning this into a telltale games sort of adventure. Appreciated though is that chloe talks to herself reminding you where items are or where you should be looking for a certain item to progress the story.

There is also a battle system where you trade insults or come up with clever replies based on when your opponent says to get your way in a situation. and you have to do so quickly as youre being timed. this system is really the only noticeable
gameplay here. Again there is no rewind puzzles or really any puzzles in this first episode aside from a few fetch questy moments finding your moms phone or an item to pry open a coinslot. the game was dialog choices with characters and asituation I just didn’t care about the game gives me no reason to care about Chloe and Rachael relationship. well i will not spoil more of your fun here download your Life is strange before the storm mod apk full version and unlock entire DLC episodes for free.

What’s In The MOD APK:- Credits:RoyalGamer

Requires Android: 4.3 and Up

Version: 1.0.2