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Linda Brown Interactive Story MOD APK Unlimited Money 2.6.11 | MEDIAFIRE - MEGA

Linda Brown Interactive Story MOD APK is an adventure story telling Interactive story game from The Other Guys. If you’ve ever played games like Episodes or The Walking Dead, Linda Brown gets almost the same gameplay as the game. This interactive game is a theme of romance and mystery. Some of the answers in the gameplay requires diamonds and you will have limit access to it but if you download Linda Brown Interactive Story MOD APK Hack then you will have unlimited diamonds to access all the answers and complete the story easily.

Here it is told that Linda Brown got a wedding invitation from a friend who was in Rio De Janeiro. When he wanted to go to Rio by plane, Linda met his former lover named Kevin. There Kevin had time to force Linda to return to her, but Linda refused because she already felt very hurt.Kevin was angry and had time to act rough on Linda, then suddenly came a man with two bodyguards. The man prevented the rough act that Kevin and the man wanted to do and then told Kevin to leave. Finally, Kevin was forced to leave Linda on the spot.

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