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Monster Hunter Stories APK MOD Full Paid English MEDIAFIRE-MEGA

Nintendo 3ds the platform on which it found so much success over to the PlayStation 4,Xbox one and PC but before that happens, the series has its one final hurrah with Monster Hunter stories APK Game. Which is now finally available in English language in the play store. Download Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK from Andropalace. It’s a complete offline RPG package for the fans of monster hunter APK series.  Gorgeous charming and addictive spin-off of the franchise that offers an alternate take on the series. It’s a fully paid premium version of monster hunter stories full apk paid apk.

Action RPG tendencies for a turn-based JRPG style of monster hunter stories APK MOD. nonetheless retains the core essence of Capcom’s monster franchise and delivers a charming compelling game. it will be great for newcomers and series veterans. Alike monster hunters stories APK is largely different from the previous games. it’s bright cel-shaded graphics a far cry away from the murky realistic look.  The series has generally striven towards and the first difference most will notice between this game is turn-based battle system is what truly stands out.

Monster Hunter Stories APK English Download with Obb Data Files

With its simplified battling presented players with a simple triangle mechanic power tech and speed but layering nuance on top of that with combos special skills items multiple different types of weapons with each true to the main line. Monster Hunter games playing differently a Pokemon style weakness and resistance mechanic and the kinship gauge. over the course of the 40-hour can Payne true to Monster Hunter you will end up getting materials to craft better armor and weapons. however unlike the main series you also get XP in Monster Hunter stories APK MOD which ends up adding another grind to keep track of.

Much like the mainline games Monster Hunter story APK remains fun enough. that its grind it never actually feels much like one. The combat is now turn-based however where the game retains so much of the original series. As DNA it differs from those games and some rather significant ways beyond the differences. The story in the game ends up being typical and predictable. it never feels trite. thanks mostly to the game’s charming cast of characters who are all bursting with heart and while monster hunter stories APK will never win award for its story telling. if you are a fan of Monster Hunter Games then this is a must try on your Android Phone.

Requires Android: 5.0 and Up

Version: 1.0.0