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Ice Age Adventures Mod Apk 2.0.8d Free purchase - Free shopping

Here Scrat began chasing his beloved nut, but without paying attention to the terrible consequences

Manny and Diego and the rest of the herd at sea! Help Sid and save them

Ice Age Adventures Mod Apk 2.0.8 [Free purchase][Free shopping]

Get ready for the adventures of ICE AGE!
A huge adventure
- Explore the unknown with Sid, Mani, Diego and distinctive characters
- Discover the coolest environments such as snowy islands and carrots
- Beat the obstacles and face the strongest opponents and threats on the way to find the lost flock
Save the herd completely
Play a game Match three distinctive and saved lives
Sid helped save the herd
Encourage Precious to join you and reunite herd
A disaster caused by .. Scrat!
Scrat helped escape the avalanche in a wonderful mini-run game
Use the animals you saved as enhancements!
Race with friends in daily or weekly challenges and win the biggest prizes
Experience is almost cinematic!
Official story of the three main characters
3D graphics will put you at the heart of the event
Animations will give a distinctive feature to the characters in the game


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