Max Payne Mobile APK MOD Download 1.7

Max Payne is a fugitive cop framed and charged with murder, stalking policemen and mobs, Max is a man and his back to the wall, wading into battle he can not hope to win. Max Payne is an uncompromising game that tells the story of a man on the edge, fighting for his own acquittal while struggling to uncover the truth about his dead family among the countless plot of twists.

Game features:
• Max Payne signing slow-motion shooting, bullet time
• Stunningly sharp and high-quality HD textures
• Toys are designed specifically for touch screen devices
• High customizable controls
• Multi-purpose methods
• Compatible with GameStop Wireless Game Controller and C-B USB selected
• Built-in Immersion for Touchy Vibration Comments
• Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings
• Open cheats, track statistics and more with complete integration of Rock Club social games

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Max Payne Mobile APK MOD Download 1.7 Max Payne Mobile APK MOD Download 1.7 Reviewed by Top Android on July 25, 2019 Rating: 5
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