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Download AVG AntiVirus Pro 2019 for Android Security free on android

The best AVG - AntiVirus PRO Security app for Android smartphones is now for full featured features protection against viruses, malware, spyware and online exploitation in real time.

Premium version of the app locker - Password protection prevents access to sensitive apps and a backup of the app - Back up apps on your SD card and camera trap - Carefully send anyone's photo to you via email when you try to unlock your phone and also lock your device - Lock the phone if SIM card is replaced

App features
 Check apps and games for harmful content
 Scan websites for threats and redirect sites to a "safe page" if any threats are detected (default browser for Android and operating system earlier than 6.0)
 Monitor battery consumption to utilize and conserve energy
 Finish tasks and processes to help boost device speed
 Track your mobile data plan usage
 Optimize storage space (internal space and SD card)
And many more features ...