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Eisenhorn: XENOS v1.0 Apk + Data android - MEDIAFIRE

Hello everyone in the top Android site we offer you the game Eisenhorn: XENOS of Mediafire free for Android without Internet (Ofline) of the best action game and adventures with PS4 graphics Eisenhorn Xenos Android Download

Eisenhorn Xenos Free Download Android provides support for in-game controllers and the best way to play on a high-end device. You may have to turn off other apps on your device to ensure the best game play experience.

With an interesting and engaging story, brutal violence and a wonderful and vast universe to explore, you can lose many hours of boredom playing Eisenhorn Xenos. If you like the Eisenhorn trilogy or you are a fan of the 40K universe, you will enjoy the Eisenhorn Zenus.

Game information
Name: Eisenhorn: XENOS
Play Mode: No internet required to play - Offline
Size: 2.6GB +
Developer: Pixel Hero Games
Genre: Action-Adventure, PS4
Version: 1.0
Requires Android: 5.0+ and Events.
Package ID: com.pixelherogames.xenos

Winning is very difficult
In the game Eisenhorn: Xenos the player plays the role of Detective Eisenhorn and battling minions of chaos. Gregor Eisenhorn, who entered the war with the most powerful forces of evil and Satan, tries to remain the winner and protect the human empire. Exploring the 40K Warhammer universe and destroying opponents requires a lot of weapons and patience. This game will definitely attract users who want to get the maximum increased emotions and adrenaline: constant raids of enemies will not allow you to relax for a second. During the game, the main character will be able to improve their skills, develop their abilities and use the weapons of the larger affected area. Eisenhorn: Xenos specially designed for smartphones and powerful tablets: The game has complex graphics that require productive production processes. You can find the game at the link below.

In the world of Warhammer 40K you will be delighted with realistic graphics, comfortable gameplay and a multitude of interesting locations. EISENHORN: Xenos will tell how the heretics of the future want with all their might to get the dark knowledge book, Necrotek, in order to master the most secret. Fighting in the world of Warhammer 40,000 won't be easy: you need good intelligence, endurance, fast wit and quick reaction.


Eisenhorn Xenos Android takes place in the dark future of Warhammer. You play Gregor Eisenhorn, an investigator whose mission is to protect Imperium for man. The Inquisition is a group of imperialium's secret avengers who move in the shadows among humans who beat heretics and enemies with total cruelty.

The main goal in the game is to restore the extremely powerful mysterious text of an old Tommy known as Necroteuch. To this end, players explore the vast Gothic Warhammer 40K. Players can take advantage of wonderful tools and psychological powers to shoot down enemies and remove obstacles.

There are a lot of characters in addition to the fighting system. Players can choose characters that can accompany them on tasks. They also have the ability to choose and change the weapons system they use in combat.