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Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK ANDROID

Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK OBB ANDROID with a size of +1 GB offers you to experience one of the best games with its wonderful story.

Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK OBB ANDROID

Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK ANDROID

The new GTA series of games with a size of +1 GB will undoubtedly delight you and bring you the experience of one of the best games with its wonderful story!

Here's the story of the game: Tony Cipriani, a man the Leone family trusted, returns home to Liberty City. For some time he lived in secret because someone was killed.

Currently, the streets of Liberty City are chaotic, and different gangs are fighting among themselves to control the city, this has caused the city to be destroyed under waves of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking, and strikes.

Madmen, corrupt businessmen, cynical politicians, and even Tony's mother are involved in taking over the city. Tony's mother intends to help the Leon family but things are not going well with her son.

Your overall goal in this game is to take control of the city for the Leon family, but there are many obstacles in the way!

The most important of which is the presence of other powerful groups such as the Yakuza, Diablo, and Tariuki, who are targeting you as well!

Download GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK OBB ANDROID

GTA games do not need praise and you are all aware of their amazing structure!

If you are a fan of GTA games, do not miss the game under any circumstances!

Get ready to return to the East Coast in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the open-world adventure coming to your Android mobile phone! If you are a friend of GTA, we suggest you download this very beautiful game!

It's better to say this without any introduction! The developers have worked very well on all the details of the game, Rock star North has worked on making a new GTA game based on the Grand Theft Auto episodes of Liberty City, the previous series (GTA IV) was not really a masterpiece but in the new one a part of the developers have tried to forget The dark world of the previous series and creating a different atmosphere in the game, of course, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has changed so much that if you play GTA IV for 100 hours, you still feel like you are in GTA IV.

You are a beginner who wants to show his strength to everyone again, we say again that this game is definitely worth downloading and we suggest you download this game!

Instructions for installing and running GTA: Liberty City Stories:

  1. - First, download and install the game installation file.
  2. - Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.rockstargames.gtalcs folder to Android/OBB path.
  3. - Run the game.