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Nimian Legends : BrightRidge v8.1 APK + OBB

Hello everyone we present you the adventure game Nimian Legends for Android from MediaFire Free Graphic PS4 (without Internet) Offline Developed by Protopop Games The game enables you to explore the beautiful and opened the world of fantasy RPG through running, swimming and flying through waterfalls and glittering rivers, swollen forests, and high mountains in The sky and the old dungeons. Change shape to powerful dragons, high eagles, quick-footed deer and more.

Minimum Requirements: 2 GHz 4-core CPU, and at least 2 GB of RAM for better performance without suspension and breakage in gameplay

The game is complete and without ads and also no in-game purchases

Game information
Name: Nimian Legends
OFFLINE - No internet is required to play
Size: 192MB
Languages ​​supported in the game: English and Wu
Developer: Protopop Games
Version: 8.1
Category: Adventure
Price: Paid
Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Customize your world The game's wide options let you customize almost anything at any time. Change the time of day, turn on watercolor mode and enjoy the live painting experience, add effects, filters and more. On modern devices, you can raise details for a more beautiful and immersive experience.

The weather and the day / night cycle are all here. Rainstorms, lightning, thunder, light breezes, high winds and calm snow. Or use the options to change the weather while flying.

Relax and explore no rush. Feeling panic, anxiety or stress? Choose "Explore Mode", breathe, and explore the wild rivers, valleys and waterfalls of BrightRidge at your own pace.

Explore story modes and be ready for adventure Ballad of BrightRidge and Love Tin are magical adventures in Story Story. Or choose Explore mode and experience BrightRidge without any questions or enemies. Can you find the old whale that swim the ocean? Or hidden ruins that dot the earth?

  Unlock the ability to change to several types and explore BrightRidge from a new perspective. Rose in the sky as a golden eagle or winged dragon. Run through the forest and the lily fox or dashing deer. Hit the ground as a tall tree and flutter quietly among the flowers as a delicate butterfly

Nimian Legends APK + OBB Full