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Shadow Blade: Reload v1.0 APK + OBB Full

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 Shadow Blade: Reload v1.0 APK + OBB Full 
Shadow Blade: Reload Fighting Ninja Paid Free for Android (without Internet) The latest version is a platform game set in a visually stunning world where the teachings of ninja and samurai collide with modern landscapes. Run through the traps-filled stages, slay enemies along your way without hesitation like Kuro, and Shadow Fayette!

Game Story Shadow Blade Darkness and chaos are sneaking back into the human world. The era reached at a time almost forgotten has failed, and the three clans are now in a fierce struggle for domination. Almost the entire medal again falls to Kuro to restore balance. All his training has led to this moment, when he will bear the fate of the world in his bloodstained hands.

Game Features:
Fighting the evil ninja: Kill your enemies very unjustly by mastering the katana, shuriken and kusarigama!
• Over 40 levels
• 4 boss battles
• Comics story line animation
• Story campaign and challenging modes

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