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Download YoWhatsapp APK Latest Version

YoWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version Anti-Ban YoWA APK Free from Mediafire 2020 with themes.

Version: 9.81

Download YoWhatsapp APK Latest Version 

YOWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application, which you can use to activate another account on your Android phone along with the original version of WhatsApp. Continuous update of the YoWhatsApp application on the top Android site.

YoWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version Anti-Ban

YoWhatsapp APK Yowh Download Latest Version Anti-Ban

YoWhatsApp, you can open another number on your mobile phone at the same time besides the official WhatsApp application, WhatsApp YOU contains all the features of the original version of WhatsApp and also new features have been added to it.

Download YoWhatsApp against the ban, latest version (YOWA V8), modified Yusuf Al-Basha 2020, from Mediafire

YoWhatsapp APK Download (Anti-Ban) | Latest Version

Yo WhatsApp YoWhatsapp was previously the developer Yusef Al-Basha, but now there are a lot of modifications on the version called YoWhatsapp, and the developers of the application have added many modifications, and added some features that make the YoWhatsApp APK application loved by many users.

YOWhatsApp, also known as YOWA, is a messaging app that is modified based on the original version of WhatsApp.

With YOWhatsApp, you will be able to send larger files to friends, improve the app's interface, or even set an app password.

YOWhats Android Features

  1. Ability to hide the last appearance
  2. Privacy options (show the blue check mark after replying to messages and ...)
  3. The possibility of knowing who entered the Internet
  4. Ability to change icons
  5. Show a tick next to deleted messages
  6. Ability to trim long video clips up to 30 seconds for a story
  7. Ability to lock the password and fingerprint for WhatsApp
  8. Ability to hide the name and date when copying two or more messages
  9. Ability to change application size and change application icon and notifications
  10. The ability to send high-quality images
  11. The ability to disable audio / video calls from anyone or everyone
  12. Other features

Other features of YoWA APK

  1. • Download the story of any person
  2. • Hide the last appearance, blue health, and hide that you have seen anyone’s story, and all privacy options
  3. • Use the fingerprint to lock conversations and WhatsApp
  4. • Themes store contains more than 2400+ themes
  5. • The possibility of changing the Facebook Facebook or Twitter Facebook or other messages.
  6. • Putting a lock on WhatsApp or a specific conversation
  7. • Convert long videos into clips of length allowed for easy posting on status / story.
  8. • The ability to send 100 images at once + an option to send images with high accuracy
  9. • The ability to send a registered number to an unsaved number
  10. • And many many others.
  11. • YoWA carries all the features of WhatsApp Plus, blue, and more
  12. • Supports all Android devices. In addition to modern design and more advantages.

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