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Animus - Harbinger Unpacked v1.1.6 APK + OBB

Download fighting game Animus - Harbinger Unpacked for Android for free Role-playing games for mobile phones today have become very crowded. Because there are so many manufacturers that offer very simple games that can run on almost any device. These games are marked as RPGs, but they usually work in turn. However, if you want to launch a game that really meets all the requirements of the full RPG product, it is very difficult. So, if you want to launch a game, it can only serve a minority of high-end phone users only. Animus-Harbinger is one of the new role-playing games that just started on the phone. Although its size is very small 553 MB but it requires Android 6.0 and events. In fact, with this configuration, quite a few people can run it. But if there is enough space for the experience, it is actually a game that comes standard with an amazing console.

Game story events
Still a familiar medieval context for role-playing games, Animus-Harbinger goes back to the past. Kiir is the enemy, the villain who brings evil to the world. He destroyed everything and brought nightmares to everyone in Crimea and the Kingdom of Kadimia. You will play the role of Furlorn, who suffered injustice and imprisoned from the civilization of society at the time. But you are the only one who can defeat all the demons who are planning to invade the kingdom. The late Cadmus used all means to beg with you.

Players will be in a very intense battle. The enemy will be the embodiment of fear, darkness and death. Besides that healers, hounds, terrible monsters. The crowds are afraid to maximize the creation of a series of chaos waving around the kingdom. This time you will have to fight alone and no one can trust this bloody battle anymore.

Players will be allowed to control a character who takes medieval weapons and fights monsters. They'll look out of place, so you've never seen anything terrible in all the games you've ever seen. They also have the power of madness through the strange effects that you have to exercise for a long time in order to overcome them. Although the game is relatively light, it requires at least 2.2GB of free memory. Because it needs space to access data more smoothly. However, it is also a worthy state to enjoy a game that reaches the graphics level as well as a console-like gameplay.

Game information
Name: Animus - Harbinger Unpacked
Play Mode: Offline
Size: 763MB
Languages: English +
Developer: TENBIRDS
Category: Action
Rating: Paid
Requires Android: 6.0 and up
Type of hack: not hacked

Animus – Harbinger (MOD, Free Shopping)

Animus - Harbinger Unpacked APK + OBB



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