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Bully: Anniversary Edition v1.0.0.19 Apk Mod

Game Billy riot in the schools of London Bully Anniversary Edition, which received a wide fame on PlayStation 2 devices now available on Android devices and produced by Rockstar Games and is available on Google Play at a price of US $ 6.99 Here we offer you free copies

The game takes place with the help of teenager (naughty Jamie) by showing his place among the students of the Bullworth Academy and attending classrooms, participating in quarrels and sabotage and more. Jamie Hopkins, the main hero in this Android game, Jamie is studying in a private boarding school. You'll help Jimmy spend a school year and get benefit from it. Participate in the war between school gangs on the ring and beat your opponents and defeat the troublemakers. And arrange traps for students and teachers. And escape the teachers and team leaders who provide the system to the school.