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A simple introduction to the game Pou Pou is a strange pet looking for a wholesome owner who takes care of him, feed him, clean, and watch him grow as he undergoes through various levels. If you love Pou very much, then open enchanting wallpapers, clothes and other valuables so that you can inflate the madness of this pet. Feed Pou and clean Pou, take care of Pou.

Do you have what it takes to take care of the envelope of an alien? Feed him, wash him, play with him and watch him grow, watch your progress with the stages and overcome obstacles to be able to open the door to many wall drawings and clothes to suit your taste. How will you take care of your Bo?

* Feed and pay attention to Bo, watch him grow

* Play with him in the games room and collect money

* Find out what you can do with doses in the lab

* Modify the look of Bo as you see fit!

* Try a lot of clothes, hats and glasses

* Select the wall drawings to suit each room

* Record achievements so you can use many locked items

* Visit your friends and play with them

* Talk to Bo and hear him respond to you with his cute voice

Collect coins when playing games in the games room. Get potions to experiment in the lab. Change the look and feel of your beautiful Pou customize room wallpapers to soothe Pou and have more fun.

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