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PES 2020 Mobile Patch Real Madrid V4.5.0 Android

 PES 2020 Mobile Patch REAL MADRID


PES 20 Mobile Patch Real Madrid Android Download Android Best Graphics New Original Logos and Kits 2020 Update

PES 2020 Mobile Patch REAL MADRID is a great way to enjoy the game. Although it is made by a third party, it is completely safe.

Don't worry about the ban. The patch is only a game file editor.

While Konami could not license all the teams, original crews, the correction made it. You just have to replace the patch file with the original game file and you are ready to go.

 You get every league with all the licensed teams meaning all the original sets, jersey, logo. Even a new custom jersey with real season update.

 Not only that, you will get a rich, custom designed wallpaper for all players, face, new start screens, custom game list and play lists. New background music also added. TV channel logo on the playing screen and many other things.

All for free. So don't wait, just download and start enjoying Pes 20 Mobile with the patch.

Patch features:
New eFootball Themes
- The Premier League is fully licensed
- First Class 1 Conforama license
- Seria A licensed
- La Liga license
- PEU Licensed League
All other tournaments are licensed
- All national teams
- New crews updated until 2020
- QT Patch logo on the playing screen
- Play lists and custom buttons
Barcelona New Kits
New Juventus sets
- 4 new startup screens
Bayern Munich new kits

Note: This patch is only for Pes 20 Mobile v 4.5.0. Please do not download it if you are using another version or any other update occurs after April 09 2020. To check the latest version details, check out Google play store or app store with this game.

what's new :
      Club crews 19/20, Japan
      Russia team crews
      Professional League
      Legend and classic collections
      National team crews
      World Cup soccer kits
      Dominoes League
      3rd / 4th club groups
      Dominoes League
      FIFA kits
      Toyota Toyota
      BD CLUBS kits
      Toyota Toyota
      India Team Crews
      Toyota Toyota
      New additive kits
      CFA Super League
      LIGA kits 1 Indonesia
      Brazilian League 2
      Fantasy kits
      Dominoes League
      Super Hero Groups
      Dominoes League

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