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Reign of War Apk Download for Android IOS

Reign of War Apk Download for Android IOS Official version of the expected strategy game Enjoy the best graphics and build your empire.

Reign of War‏ Apk Download for Android IOS

Download Reign of War‏ Apk for Android IOS

Reign of War is the fictional Battle Chess + War, the latest version of War and Magic developed by Clash of Kings Elex.

You will lead powerful creatures to conquer lands and become the legendary rulers of the world of Kilaria.

Killaria was ruled by higher elves thousands of years ago, when a giant meteor suddenly struck her.

To save their world, the supreme elves unleashed forbidden magic, but they, in turn, were imprisoned underground in the name of the elves.

Hundreds of years have passed … the site is now guarded by elves from the Gaia Tree, but the warrior goblins wish to break this balance and release the fallen elves.

This time, you are the king of mankind, and you will choose from among goblins, dwarves, elves and other humans to form a division between races. Train soldiers, learn ancient magic, and develop outstanding generals.

Create a powerful alliance as you rebuild your kingdom. Summon unimaginably powerful creatures, like mermaids, pegasus, titans, and even dragons!

Strategize and defeat the fallen bad guys! Be the new ruler of Caleria!

Reign of War‏ Apk Download for Android IOS

Game features Reign of War

1- Real-time fantasy battle full of action and fun
- Compete for control and seize your moments.
- Each selection can determine the final outcome of the battle!

2- Multiplayer fantasy battles
- Humans, orcs, elves and dwarves – choose the race to form a squad and conquer the world together!
- Neutral ancient creatures: Dragons, Gnomes, Mer-People, Ogres, Unicorns, and Mercenaries for hire, whatever you can choose!

3- Hero System
- Collect more than 50 legendary heroes from 4 different races, each with unique abilities.
- Every race has its own champions.
- Choose the most unique to fight for your chosen race!
- Upgrade and boost these heroes, and gain huge fame in this fantasy world

Reign of War Official – Android APK IOS

4- Scattered groups of troops
- Each gender has a distinct type of soldier. Like tanks? Then choose from Elven Treants, Dwarf Shielders and Human Knights!
- Improve your team with the best combination of tanks and DPS units.
- Launch an all-out attack with a high / low defensive attack from Wolf Riders. Enemy raids outside the battlefield.
- Embark on an array of nature wizards and human wizards, and dominate the battlefield with magic.
- All kinds of daring strategies are waiting for you to discover.

5- The march of the forces without restrictions
- Give orders to your troops while they are gone. Don’t wait for them to return to town!
- Discover enemies, cooperate with allies and strike a single hit! No more wasted time! Test the strategic freedom of a true leader!
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6- Absolute freedom in city building
- Place all buildings wherever you want!
- Design your own unique city!

7- Alliance system
- Help from allies. Different races can form more powerful alliances.
- Enjoy many convenient alliance features to always keep your allies close.
- Get help learning advanced magic from your strongest allies.
- Team up with players from all over the world and make your names widely heard all over Caleria!

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Reign of War Official – Android APK IOS

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Reign of War‏ Apk Download for Android IOS

Reign of War‏ Apk Download for Android IOS

Reign of War‏ Apk Download for Android IOS