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CrossFire: Last 12 Hours Apk Download for Android IOS

CrossFire: Last 12 Hours download APK for Android IOS in China as 穿越 火线: 枪战 is a fighting game similar to PUBG with the best graphics.

CrossFire: Last 12 Hours Apk Download for Android IOS

Download CrossFire: Last 12 Hours Apk for Android IOS

“Cross Fire: Gunfight King” is a true CF shooting game by Tencent Games for Android devices.

As a highly competitive mobile game, the game has perfect PC-side quality and gameplay.

The dream of fighting with firearms continues even on mobile, and the refreshing feeling allows players to experience the ultimate shooting fun and bloodshed of competitive confrontation anytime, anywhere.

Game features

Details win, engine upgrade brings higher image quality

The game screen was created by the new Unit 5 engine, using the latest PBR realistic rendering pipeline, high dynamic range lighting processing system, ToneMapping technology, adding real-time lighting calculations and dynamic lighting effects, more accurate characters and guns, more powerful special effects.

Fully developed Biochemistry 3.0, 32 people go to war in Chibi

CF mobile game “Ultimate Biochemical” is based on the classic “Biochemical Terminator” gameplay of the terminal game.

The number of players increased to a maximum of 32 players, and the evolutionary game increased greatly.

Hunter and Ghost can be greatly improved by choosing the boost support box to a stronger form, and unleash mighty superpowers.

The gameplay uses the all-new “Decisive Battle Chibi” map, which combines the Three Kingdoms theme with elements of the future, and there is an exclusive hero Sun Shangxiang to choose from.

Turn on biochemical mode, level up biochemistry, and many more rewards are waiting for you.

CrossFire: Last 12 Hours Apk Download for Android IOS

CrossFire: Last 12 Hours APK download for Android

The innovative gameplay appears endlessly, you can choose to survive by skydiving

Ultimately, 12 hours of special training takes place on the desert island, offensive and defensive tactics

This differs from the innovative gameplay of the final game

And the fast battle experience allows players to start quickly.

Whether you’ve been fighting the tide for the past 12 hours, or embarking on life on a mysterious island

Or parachute to survive in a special training on a desert island

And an exciting multiplayer competition experience

The innovative multiplayer gameplay will bring you a different game because FireWire is always there for you with multiple experiences.

Perfect support for 3D touch function, a new revolution in mobile game photography

Cross Fire: Gunfight King supports the latest 3D Touch function on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

It revolutionarily combines two dimensions of shooting and shooting in mobile shooting game.

Players can increase the volume during the aiming process.

Shooting can be completed with your own pressure force, which greatly reduces the operating threshold.

Game note

  • In “Cross Fire: Gunfight King”, users can choose “Play with QQ Friends / Play with WeChat Friends / Log in as tourists” when logging in.
  • Game data for the three login modes on iOS devices are non-interoperable (including level, score, gold coins, diamonds, etc.).
  • The use of the “diamond” icon that the user has purchased in the game is limited to this application.
  • Tencent virtual coins, such as Q Coins and Q Points, cannot be used in this application.

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CrossFire: Last 12 Hours for Android IOS