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Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android Download

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android (Unlimited Money & Gold) equestrian competition game and compete with players online.

Version: 1.43.1

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android Download

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android

Rival Stars Horse Racing is one of the Android sports and online game series that has no age limits and has managed to attract the positive opinion of many users so far.

The story of the game is that you participate in equestrian competitions and you have to compete with other users.

In fact, you left a farm and horse stable for your family, which is a valuable family heritage, and now you have to preserve and expand this family heritage as much as you can.

Note that you have to compete in equestrian competitions where other competitors have a lot of strength, so you need to be careful not to lose in world equestrian competitions.

Among the features of the mentioned game is that you can choose the horse that participates in the competitions, choose the type of clothing and its appearance according to your taste, and participate in the competitions.

You have to improve your skills as much as you can.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and gold)

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android Download

The more matches you win, the more items and features you can use throughout the game to double your power.

You can get a lot of bonuses that will definitely be very useful for you.

Another point that you should pay close attention to is the use of an equestrian trainer who, in addition to taking care of your horses, will have a huge impact on improving your abilities.

You have to be a champion in these competitions to the extent that you can become one of the biggest horse breeders in the area and buy and sell horses.

As mentioned above, you need an internet connection to run.

One of the things that doubled the attractiveness of the game to users is its graphics, sound and grandeur, which is definitely important to you.

If you are a fan of sports games, you will undoubtedly enjoy the performance of the said game to the fullest, and you can download and play it for free from Silo website.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android Download

Some of the features of Rival Stars Horse Racing Android:

  1. Choose a rider and compete with other players from all over the world
  2. Race on different racing tracks
  3. Customize your face, skills and hat
  4. Assist the manager in making decisions about buying, breeding and selling new horses
  5. Each horse is unique with its appearance, features, date of birth and different statistics
  6. Breeding and raising your horses with a genetic breeding system
  7. Hire a trainer to turn your horse into a champion horse
  8. Increase your abilities
  9. Train your horse’s skills and improve their performance in competitions
  10. Development of stables and training facilities and increase the capabilities of horses
  11. Complete the objectives and earn rewards

Information about the game

  • Developer PIKPOK
  • Version 1.23
  • Updated July 7, 2021
  • Requirements 5.0 and above
  • Size 600 m
  • Get it from Google Play Store

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Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Android Download