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Download EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24 APK for Android

Download EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24 APK (FIFA Mobile 2024) For Android with the latest collection, new updates, and the best graphics.

Download FIFA Mobile 2023 APK for Android 

It's unbelievable that everything a developer like EA SPORTS can't do with FIFA MOBILE

This should be done by another company like NEXON, which meets all the requirements of society.

The proof of this is that they recently introduced their own football game based on FIFA

But with unique touches like a different level graphics engine and one detail that gives a lot to talk about is the return of the Spanish narrative.

Let's not forget that NEXON has permission from EA SPORTS to create a standalone version of FIFA

But what they did not expect is that they will double them, below we will highlight some points in this first version:

FIFA Mobile 2022 NEXON APK for Android Download

The return of the national teams

Obviously one of their goals is to do what we've already discussed, and what EA doesn't want or can't do

Aside from the comments, we also have the return of the countries that FIFA has, already available in the section to choose your starting team.

The national teams of the stature of Mexico, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, USA, China, Korea and a wide list of countries are those that already have their official kits.

At the same time, the same company indicated that due to licensing issues, they are still in the process of integrating big teams like Portugal, and we will definitely see them in the near future.

FIFA Mobile 2022 NEXON APK for Android Download

Atmosphere at the height of console delivery

Detailed action with a focus on the atmosphere or composition of matches at the height of real stadiums.

According to the developers themselves, they worked on sound effects that make us feel like we are in the game.

Some of the included sounds are hymns from fans, especially from the more well-known orchestras.

They even see even the smallest details with the players' voices that are heard as the game progresses.

In the few months we've known about this batch, all the progress they've made has been very important

FIFA Mobile 2022 NEXON APK for Android Download

And I can consider it as a new generation game on our platform, some of the previous functions they have achieved are:

Alternatives: FM didn't have anything as simple and necessary as making changes to the player which the community didn't like at all

But thanks to them, it is now possible to make substitutions, as is

usually the case with rulers:

It is the straw that broke the camel's back that in general surrender we do not have partisan forces either, i.e. rulers

But as you can see in the following image, it is already there even with the animation.

Apart from this, there have also been a significant series of functions that make a difference and you will notice when you try them out.

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FIFA Mobile 2022 NEXON APK for Android Download


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