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Download Battlefield Mobile APK Beta for Android

Download Battlefield Mobile APK Beta for Android is an action game where you have to assemble and lead your team and you and your rival crew will fight on the maps.

version |  0.10.0
Battlefield Mobile APK Beta Download for Android

Download Battlefield Mobile APK Beta for Android 

Battlefield ™ Mobile is an action game from the famous game studio ELECTRONIC ARTS Here you have to assemble and lead your team and you and your opposing crew will fight on new maps and modes.

Create or customize a large number of weapons and gadgets.

Take control of powerful vehicles like tanks or ATVs and fight.

Fight on the battlefields and experience massive environmental devastation.

Provides you with extensive team warfare capability. In all game modes, you will experience the same exciting explosive conditions that Betleyd is famous for.

Whether you are escaping from a tower falling on an ATV or parachuting from a building while firing missiles while burying your enemies under the rubble of a building destroyed by your tank.

Choose one of the Assault, Support, Medic or Recon classes and then customize the different items like weapons, skins, special tools for each class, etc., so the most powerful weapon suits your Battlefield Mobile game style.

Fight alongside a team of heroes and dominate the battlefield. Join a battalion or create a team to fight massive battles on your territory and get rewards.

Finish the race in your favor as you make strategic and team decisions and raise your battalion of soldiers. Defend and fight to survive against the best teams.

Choose from a wide range of multiplayer, objective, etc. game modes and fight against other players.

Find your own personal playstyle and customize your soldier to maximize their abilities. Weapons, gear, skins, and more can be customized to match your class and progression.

War heroes with unique narratives prepare for battle, each with their own mission.

Learn their stories and take to the battlefield with the best customizations yet. No matter how you fight, superior individual skills and practice of team tactics will lead you to victory.

Battlefield Mobile APK Beta Download for Android

Battlefield Mobile Game Features:

  1. It has a game character customization mode
  2. Possibility to be in multiplayer mode to compete with other players online
  3. Various game modes
  4. Contains a special menu to create heroes with new classes and unique abilities
  5. Great gameplay and amazing graphics
  6. Possibility to raise the level of the soldier from zero and raise him to a high level of combat and defense
  7. Competitive play
  8. Different chapters with special heroes
  9. Customize your soldier and defend your group
  10. Various game modes
  11. Customize a set of tools