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Download Hunter x Hunter Mobile APK For Android

Download Hunter X Hunter (猎人 × 猎人) Mobile APK for Android is a 3D action-adventure RPG mobile game based on the legendary work of Yoshihiro Togashi.

Download Hunter x Hunter Mobile APK For Android

Hunter x Hunter Mobile is a 3D action-adventure role-playing mobile game based on the well-known Japanese IP Hunter x Hunter Mobile licensed by the Anime Production Commission.

Classic and popular characters can be seen everywhere, and the wide and exquisite classic scenes are perfectly combined with CG animation.

Players can use the main story missions to fully explore the world of fishermen in Whale Island, Port Dole, Chimera Wetlands, Sky Arena, and Yuxin City.

And experience the thrill of risk and growth with their partners, becoming the professional hunter in your mind!

Features of the game Hunter x Hunter Mobile

  1. The animation scheme has been fully restored, and you can enter the world of hunters in one second
  2. In the game Hunter x Hunter.
  3. Players will be able to experience freedom from hunter trials, mental training, trap towers, Sky Arena PVP, etc.
  4. In addition, there is an innovative airship placement system, and every link in the entire animation is recorded and reproduced.
  5. Fully integrated with Monopoly, here you decide what kind of fisherman you want to be, every step is up to you!
  6. Exquisite skills, smooth strikes, the first multi-formation combat mechanism
  7. Expand the distinctive skills of each hunter with the six main mind abilities, realize the combat situation with a full sense of attack in the smooth movement experience, and integrate the multi-line combat mechanism with the concept of combat assistance.
  8. Players need to rely on the different skill attributes of each character. Tactically match the combination of mind and ability, break the framework of the same type of game in the past, and reverse the depth of the plot in the ever-changing hunter battle!
  9. A new 3D Japanese dubbing technology that reproduces the classics
  10. Hunter x Hunter uses the Unity engine to create 3D models and high-definition characters to build a complete hunter world. Dubbing the character even invites famous voice actors from Japan.
  11. The original dubbing team recreates the spirit of each character from the past. Popular characters such as Xiaojie, Kiya, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka are all included. Choose your partner to start your bar journey!
  12. Different competition systems to compete for the title of strongest hunter
  13. The indispensable competitive adventures in the world of hunters always make people excited, such as the 1v1 battle in the sky arena where strength is the most important.
  14. Challenge the trap tower to fight against intelligence and bravery, and challenge the global boss who gathers hunters from all servers to form a team to challenge together!
  15. Many games are waiting for you to challenge, who can become the most powerful hunter? Now come to "Hunter x Hunter" and write your adventure chapter!