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Download Company of Heroes APK Full Game Android

Download Company of Heroes APK Full is released in the strategy and action style by the famous game studio Feral Interactive for Android.


Download Company of Heroes APK Full Game Android

The large and successful team at Feral Interactive has successfully translated the critically acclaimed WWII strategy experience Company of Heroes to the mobile platform.

This mod captures the essence of the original PC game and delivers an immersive and strategic experience for mobile gamers. The mobile version of Company of Heroes maintains the essence of the PC game while offering a user interface suitable for touchscreens. The steering wheel and other controls are designed to be clear, allowing players to perform advanced tactics in the middle of battles.

Players will embark on a fascinating campaign in this part of the European operation, starting with the famous invasion of Normandy. They control two powerful American teams, navigating 15 challenging missions that relive some of the most important moments of World War II.

The mobile adaptation faithfully maintains the intensity and complexity of the original campaigns, providing a historical and strategic journey on a smaller screen. These new, in-depth modifications ensure that players can easily employ advanced tactics and maintain control of their units in the fast-paced World War II environment on mobile.

Company of Heroes APK Full Download Android

Company of Champions game features

  • Great variety in game stages
  • Amazing graphics
  • Precise and simple controls
  • Accurate and precise user interface
  • Very high replay value
  • Different game modes

Company of Heroes from Feral Interactive brings a masterpiece of strategy gaming to the palm of your hand. With a mobile-optimized interface, a recreation of historical campaigns, and attention to visual detail, this adaptation ensures that the essence of the original game is maintained while meeting the dynamic nature of mobile gaming. Don't miss this experience.

Company of Heroes also currently has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 on the Play Store. If you're interested in this type of game, we also suggest you check out Army Men Strike and Warpath.

First tip: Before downloading the game, review the list of supported phones in the description section.

Point 2: You need to get 1.1GB in the first run and then you can try the game offline.