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FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline For Android Download

Download FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline for Android in the latest full version, with direct link from Mediafire for all Android devices from EA.

FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline Download For Android

Download FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline For Android

Another historical soccer game that returns after a long time in the mobile soccer game community!

This is the FIFA 15 ULTIMATE TEAM, which has also been added to the recent comeback and nostalgia for its successor.

Any great FIFA 16 game on the mobile platform, which is again available on Android.

Can it be played again? Where is it available?

As usual in this post we'll talk and get all the details about his recent comeback and what's currently happening in the game:

FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline Download For Android


As with FIFA 16, history repeats itself that the two installments (both FIFA 15 and 16 on Android)

They were considered extinct, having had their servers shut down a few years ago by EA SPORTS (preventing them from returning to play).

However, thanks to the access of a user called a "known identifier", he was able to enable many of the features of the games in question and make them available and practical to play again.

In this way they switched from two "different" games to two old slides that are back and ready to continue the fun.

FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline Download For Android

What is coming in the near future with the game?

The simple fact that this great game is back is not the best, the community is excited about the things that can be achieved as a result of its return.

To complement the previous point, it is expected that the editor will be able to recover basic details that originally came in the game, for example:

  • Ability to navigate the main menu and its sections.
  • Choose all the leagues and clubs that came at that time.
  • Sections, options, and other basic configurations such as match duration or graphic quality.
  • New animations and functions in play.

And the big unknown that will be an update for the teams, whether in contracts or crews.

FIFA 15 APK DATA OBB Offline Download For Android


Did you know?
This installment dedicated to the 2015 season in Latin America was released on September 24, 2014

Oddly enough, it was the first and only time that a FIFA mobile game was ahead of the console version, as it was released a day before the main match.

Platforms, which are by no means common.

Oddly enough, this version of the game was way ahead of the console version

It was released a day ago, which is usually common, because it usually rolls out first on the major platforms.